Potomac Marlins Masters Swimming is a safe environment for team members of all abilities and backgrounds to pursue swimming-related goals. This Code of Conduct has been compilied with the assistance and input of Marlins Masters swimmers who bring their valuable experiences to the program.  By attending a Potomac Marlins Masters practice or event, each person agrees to act in accordance with the following Code of Conduct:

  1. Abide by all pool and United States Masters Swimming (USMS) rules.

  2. Be respectful to all coaches and swimmers, and comply with all directions given by all coaches. Our coaches are working every practice to keep all swimmers safe and motivated. The failure to show respect for a coach or the failure to follow the direction of a coach is grounds for removal from a practice, event, or program.

  3. Work with others to practice in a safe manner. Proper lane and circle-swimming etiquette should be observed by all swimmers. If a coach requests that you change lanes, please do so. Modifications to a workout (i.e., intervals, strokes, equipment, etc.) should be discussed and agreed upon by the coach and all swimmers in the lane. 

  4. Verbally or physically abusive or disruptive behavior in any form will not be tolerated and is grounds for removal from a practice, event, or program.

  5. Registration fees should be paid prior to your first practice at the start of each session. USMS membership must be maintained for liability purposes.

  6. Code of conduct violations should be brought to the attention of the coach or Team Manager.

We are a mutually supportive and fun loving group and seek like minded masters athletes to join us.  


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