Registrations are taken all season long on a pro-rated basis after October 1st, provided space is available.



2023-24 Registration Page LINK

Registration Tutorial Video
*Please note all registering families are "new" this year and will be required to enter their Family/Account information and their Athlete/Member information (+ Add New Member) within the new registration process.


The 2023-24 season begins Sept 11th, 2023

Welcome to the NEW Potomac Marlins 23-24 team registration. This on-line registration procedure consists of three parts.  It is easy to use and will allow you to 1) register for your desired program and select a payment plan, 2) choose your swimmer's exact practice days and times from an offered list and 3) complete your required registration with USA swimming. Be sure you have reviewed the practice schedules on the website and know EXACTLY which program you want before you begin.

  • AM = Audrey Moore Rec. Center  (Fairfax County Park Authority)
  • CH = Chinquapin Rec. Center  (City of Alexandria)
  • CR = Cub Run  (Fairfax County Park Authority)
  • GW = George Washington  (Fairfax County Park Authority)
  • FR = Franconia  (Fairfax County Park Authority) formerly Lee District.
  • MV = Mt. Vernon  (Fairfax County Park Authority)   Temporarily closed for construction
  • SR = South Run  (Fairfax County Park Authority)
  1. Make sure your swimmer is approved by the deck coach for their Registration Group prior to initiating the on-line registration process. Placement evaluations are required for all new members.
  2. Be sure to have a credit card and/or checking account information prior to entering the system. Please note that we do NOT accept paper checks for team payments. Only credit/debit card or ACH electronic check deposits are accepted.
  3. Look carefully at the practice schedule and be 100% certain of your approved Registration Group. (pool, program, time of day, days of week, and 9 or 11 months).  To begin, click the 23-24 TEAM REGISTRATION tab on the home page.  In the drop down box, choose your POOL LOCATION. 
  4. Be sure to have all necessary information on hand including, Emergency Contact, Medical History and personal contact information,  The system WILL TIMEOUT if you are inactive for a period of time.  You cannot take a break and return or you will have to start over.
  5. STEP 1 - To start, scroll down to select the program you want and "add to cart". Do this for each swimmer. (If registering two+ swimmers in the SAME program, add it to the cart twice+). Please note, due to the TEAM UNIFY system upgrade, ALL registering families are "new" this year and will be required to enter their Family/Account information and their Athlete/Member information (+ Add New Member) within the new registration process. Continue through the team registration process to enter swimmer information and select your payment option. Register all swimmers. Once submitted, you have officially registered for the Potomac Marlins 2023-24 team. You will receive an aoutomatic "success" message and an email with a registration receipt showing your immediate charges. In order to secure your space in the program, proceed to StEP 2 where you will select your practice times and days of the week.
  6. STEP 2 - The success page will contain a link for you to complete Part 2.  It will direct you to a page where you will choose the exact days and/or times for your program.  When you get to the page, enter your child’s age on the filter on the left.  Scroll down to find your exact program and select your choice of days and times.  Be sure to only select the number of days you registered for or you will be charged more.  Add to cart.  
  7. You will add your swimmer from the dropdown box and check out with NO charge.  Once submitted, you will receive a second success page and an email receipt showing the days and times of the program you selected.  Print and keep this receipt for future reference. Once submitted, you have secured a place on the Marlins team for the 23-24 season.
  8. STEP 3 - This second success page will provide a link to the USA swimming site so you can complete their required registration.  All swimmers must be registered to be eligible to start practicing with the team.  Select “Flex” if your swimmer is age 12 or under and will compete in 2 or less meets during the season. (Select "flex" if unsure).   Select “Premium” if age 13 or older and/or if your 12 & under swimmer anticipates competing in 3 or more meets. (Note: Step 3 (USAS registration) will not be available until August when the Team Unify initiates our site upgrade. All registered families will be notified when this 3rd step is activated).

If you have a problem with the registration process, please contact the [email protected]

Registration Tutorial Video

*Please note all registering families are "new" this year and will be required to enter their Family/Account information
and their Athlete/ (+ Add NewMember) within the new registration process.

Please allow up to 5 days for the registration approval process. You will receive an email with log on instructions. At that point, we recommend you log in and confirm all of your information and make any necessary changes or additions.  Account access to your private account will allow you to sign up for swim meets, view your swimmer's meet history, volunteer for various jobs and team events, maintain personal contact and payment information, and more.



Competitive Track: (Swimmers committed to swimming as their primary sport with expectations of higher level swimming in High School and College.  Follows USAS min. recommended developmental progression for Senior level swimming expectations and success):

Mighty Marlins > Age Group Stroke Development > Age Group Aerobic Development> Senior Silver or Sen - Perp Gold > Senior Gold

Registration will open to NEW COMPETITIVE TRACK members on June 1st 2023. 

Conditioning Track: (Swimmers who are not currently fully committed to swimming as their primary sport, but wish to remain in shape/condition for summer league and high school swimming.  Conditioning Track swimmers are able to compete in USAS meets if desired).

Mighty Marlins > Silver Conditioning 60 > Silver Conditioning 90 - High School Conditioning

CONDITIONING TRACK programs will open to ALL swimmers on June 7th.

NOTE:  Some Conditioning Track programs share practice time and space and are fully integrated with Competitive Track equivalents, however, the team prioritizes the Competitive Track swimmers by allowing a brief one-week period for Competive Track swimmers to register before opening to the Conditioning Track swimmers. Returning Conditiong Track swimmers are encouraged to register as close to June 7th as possible to secure their positions on the team.